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We have a common enemy: over-information. With it, visual pollution and the threat of cannibalization of messages. Your content and communication channels deserve to be relevant to enable meaningful connections. The hero is your brand. My job is to guide it.

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By staging your brand in the most relevant way to enable meaningful connections


Planning is one of the three essential pillars to project management, the two others being scope and budget. When considering digital communications, it's important to understand the needs and opportunities and identify the goals to succeed in delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment.



Publishing content has never been so accessible. Yet, it takes know-how to reach your audience with relevant content and to have the right mix between paid and earned media. Content is king, optimised content is the emperor. My expertise goes from writing for the web in multiple languages to creating Google Ads campaigns, making pictures and editing video to developing accessible, easily adaptable websites.



As a project manager, I like to adopt a methodological framework based on transparency, inspection and adaptation. I will measure the added value of each functionality to set the priorities. If possible, I will privilege a minimum viable product rather than long delays before reaching a perfectly finished product. Quite disruptive compared to print media. In digital, a lot of things can be measured. Reporting allows making the right decisions based on user behaviour.


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