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Following an acquisition, Carglass Carrosserie became AutoRepairGroup in June 2021. 

We started from a blank page to define the digital marketing strategy and overall communication plan across all channels.

Wolf Food Market


Wolf, Belgium's prime food market, opened in December 2019 in a former bank. In May 2020, it became obvious the first website needed a revamp.

We designed a brand new site with a focus on visual snacking. From appetite-promoting colors to videos at the top of the pages and in square format for the mobile version. We've optimized the content for search engines.

The results : 30.000 monthly sessions, among which 80% from organic trafic. 

Fall In Laugh

#seo #UX

Fall In Laugh is a laughter yoga experience launched on Airbnb by Thomas Cock, from his apartment in Lisbon. Published author, he served clients such as Meta, Spotify and Google. 

We improved the user experience of the site by reworking the main navigation and adding a page for press articles. We cleaned all duplicate content and wrote appropriate SEO content for the entire website, giving priority to user experience. 

Domaine de Naxhelet


Domaine de Naxhelet is a family-owned hotel resort with golf course and spa in Wallonia. 

We translated the entire website from its native French to English and Dutch. The goal was to improve its readability, considering language specificities, as opposed to Google Translate content.


By doing so, we increase relevance and potential conversion rate. 

Jimmy-John Goor - Case 3
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